PCS SIM Card Seizure Investigate Recover Phone?s SIM Data Text Messages LDN

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This is Phone SIM Card Seizure

  • Investigate any Phone’s SIM Card Data
  • Review content that has been saved to the SIM
  • Works with any SIM card used in any type of phone
  • View LDN – Last dialed Numbers
  • Perform deleted data recovery analysis on SIM Card
  • Adapter for all SIM Card sizes included
  • Used by Law Enforcement for nearly 20 Years
  • World’s first Digital Forensics Cellphone Solution

SIM Card seizure has limited functionality when compared to Paraben Phone Recovery stick for Android and iRecovery Stick for iPhone, you can recover Deleted text messages using SIM Card Seizure if the Texts were saved to the SIM Card.

SIM Card Seizure does provide users with the ability to perform deleted data recovery, albeit limited recovery as SIM cards do not contain much information inside of them compared to smartphone operating systems.

SIM Card Seizure provides investigators with the ability to recover deleted text messages and LDN – Last dialed number info from any Sim Card.

The Recoverable data quantities are limited but the Sim Card Seizure provides the potential for data discovery where data may have been chosen to be saved to the Sim card as opposed to the cellphone.

Who uses SIM Card Seizure?

Originally built for the Investigative industry over 15 years ago and still used today. SCS was the first product of its kind to provide the ability to recover deleted data from a Phones SIM Card. SIM Card analysis is limited to data held on the Sim Card and deleted from the Sim Card.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Investigators use the SCS to ensure they have exhausted all possibility for evidence discovery.

When Investigations of a cell phone take place, the smartphone data will hold a mammoth amount of data but in every Smartphone there are SIM Cards and the data stored on the SIM card may not be on the Smartphone.

Prisons & Juvenile Delinquents Centre

SIM Card Seizure is a popular tool for penitentiary based investigations. When a cellphone is discovered in a prison population the chances are high that the cellphone has been used to manage criminal activities. Smartphone use inside a prison is extremely rare due to their size. Prisoners normally opt for smaller non smartphone systems whereby traditional text message  (SMS) and phone calls using the phones GSM network are the preferred forms of communication.

Private Investigation Agencies

Similar to Law Enforcement, PI, and other types of Investigators like Insurance fraud investigators and missing persons investigators, will see SCS as a possible avenue to new digital discovery. Investigators work on the basis that if there is potential for discovery, it is crucial to perform the examination.

Universities and Digital Forensics Training Centers

As the SIM Card Seizure performs discovery of cellphone data in a forensically sound manner, this tool is a great training tool for budding digital forensics students and a great option for colleges and universities to use. Use SCS as many times as you need, for the life of the product. No subscription fees whatsoever and unlimited use.

  • SMS must be stored to SIM card for recovery to work.
  • System Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
  • 1.33 GHz Processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB Hard Drive Space

Other Info

  • SIM Card Seizure has unicode support to read multiple languages such as Arabic, Chinese, & Russian.
  • SIM Card Seizure can recover deleted data such as text messages and last numbers dialed.
  • SIM Card Seizure was made by a forensic company for forensic investigations. Whether you’re trying to recover data from your own SIM or you’re a seasoned investigator, you can rest assured you won’t miss anything.
  • Includes SIM Card reader as well as micro and nano SIM adapters

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