Brand NEW Sony 5-Disc CD Player Record to USB Disc Ex-change System CDPCE500




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This is Brand NEW! Designed to deliver a superb sound experience, this 5-disc changer features CD-R/RW playback capability so you can enjoy homemade music mixes as well as the latest industry releases. Keep the party going for hours with the CDP-CE500 CD changer. Featuring a 5-disc carousel, you can enjoy your favorite CDs as well as custom playlists recorded on CD-R and CD-RW discs. Expand your listening options and play back MP3, WMA and AAC music files stored on a USB storage device via the USB port. A remote control is also included.

Sony CDP-CE500

Sony’s CDP-CE500 makes it easy and enjoyable to play your favorite CDs. The 5-disc carousel allows you to store your a few of your favorite CDs for perennial listening while leaving a spot or two open for whatever music you’re in the mood for at the time. Friend make you a mix? Pop it into an open slot, then switch back to your all-time favorite after it’s done with the press of a button. Better yet, while the mix is in, if you hear a song that really catches your ear, a text display tells you what it’s called so you can look it up later. Having a choice between analog and digital output makes the CDP-CE500 widely compatible with many home theater configurations.

Front-Panel USB Port

A front-panel USB port accommodates a USB storage device, making it conveniently accessible to play files from a flash drive. In addition to playing music files from this storage device, you can record music from a disc to USB storage using the CD SYNC function. It will record as an MP3 file and you can also transfer a track or file that is being played on the changer.

Remote Included

The unit comes with a fully functional remote which allows you to program the sequence of up to 32 tracks or files, and allows you to select which disc to play or shuffle songs randomly

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