DIY Remote View WiFi Pinhole Hidden Camera – DIY110



Included with this item

  • DIY Pinhole Hidden Camera
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Battery
  • Manual


Need your hidden camera to fit inside an object that’s particular to your business or home environment? Then the DIY110 is the hidden camera that’s as flexible as your imagination. Turn any household item into a hidden video device with this pinhole 720p hidden camera that you can view from anywhere.

Need a hidden camera in a plastic cactus or a pet food bowl or a stuffed singing trout? This DIY Pinhole Wireless Hidden Camera will get the creative wheels turning, helping you transform any object into a hidden camera.  This little camera streams high qulaity video for your security camera needs.


  • Recording Resolution: 720P
  • Body Worn
  • Make your own hidden camera
  • Internal antenna
  • Motion Activated
  • P2P setting
  • Remote veiwing
  • Continuous Recording: 6-8 hours
  • Memory Card: Up to 32GB
  • Android & iOS Compatible
  • Windows & Mac OS X Compatible
  • APP Name UCCAM


If 6-8 hours of battery life isn’t long enough for your newly created hidden camera then we recommend the DIY110EB kit. It includes an auxiliary battery to extend your hidden video recording for up to 40 hours.

Note: This is a battery operated device. If the area in which the DIY110 is installed sees a lot of activity, causing the camera to power on and off frequently, your battery will run down quickly.  Battery Operated Cameras are extremely convenient, portable and have endless adaptability. However, depending on the operation, traffic and timeframe an auxiliary battery will most likely be needed to stay operational for longer periods of time. The rechargeable auxiliary battery pack + USB adapter (DIY110EB purchased separately) produces up to 40 Hours of continuous recording for the wireless hidden camera system.


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