Drive Proof Car Camera (Max Storage) – DP210




Drive Proof Car Camera
Sleek Gift Type Packaging
PC Viewer Software
User’s Manual
Lock Screw Tool (Allen wrench type)
SD Card Lock Screws (2 each)
Wire Clips – (5 each)
Adhesive Mounting Bracket (tilt type)
Power Adaptor
A/V Output Cable

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The Drive Proof DP-210 (Max Storage) model was designed to offer a significant, 105 hours of recording time. Equipped with two color camera, front and rear facing, GPS tracking, and a collection of additional monitoring features, the DP-210 revs up protection for any vehicle owner.

Drive Proof that Captures More Video Than Any Other.


  • Dual cameras, 1 internal and 1 external facing for capturing video in car and out
  • Designed for storage, nothing records longer than the DP-210 (105 hours)
  • In car night vision lights capture quality video even at night
  • Built-in GPS data logger stores driving history
  • Internal microphone enables live in cab audio recording
  • Easy to install adhesive mount provide stable recording conditions
  • Playback software allows users to view captured video on their PC
  • Vehicle powered car camera system
  • Memory card storage provides removable and transferable storage
  • Event recording triggers into action based on movement and G-Force
  • Pre-event recording insures cause and affect evidence is captured
  • Best uses: teenage driving behavior, transportation companies, accident evidence and more

Drive Proof Car Camera – DP-210

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Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 1.5 in


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